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1010 Central Avenue, Los Alamos, New Mexico

2021-22 Co-Op Park

The Los Alamos Schools Credit Union (LASCU) is constructing their new location at 1010 Central Avenue in Los Alamos, NM in the Summer 2021. A green space approximately 80' x 80' in the northeast corner of the LASCU's property was not being utilized for business purposes and in the spirit of cooperation will feature live events, community garden, space for outdoor youth education, or just a quiet place to have lunch. In 2021, Phase 1 could include the landscaping, picnic tables, benches, raised gardens, shade canopies, wall foundation, wall, stucco, fence, and stage electrical. Phase 2 to be completed in 2022 would include the stage foundation and stage canopy. Not only will the six Co-Op members contribute financially, Los Alamos Places & Spaces and Del Norte LOV Foundation are potential donors as well. If you'd like more information about this project please contact Matt Schmidt, CEO of Los Alamos Schools Credit Union.

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